About the Arist:
New York City born artist, Gary Arceri is widely collected. He has participated in numerous one man and group exhibitions. Arceri holds an MFA in painting.

About the Series, "Out of Our Heads"
In his current show, “Out of Our Heads”, the artist continues to explore the psychology of color. Through his sensitive surfaces, Arceri peels back the layers, exposing the kaleidoscopic inner-colors of the human soul. If you dare to look, you may see yourself looking back at you.

About the Show:
The Art Opening is on Saturday, June 24, 2006 @ 2:30-4:30 p.m. Drinks and light refreshments will be served. Live music and entertainment. Exhibit dates are from June 24 to August 25, 2006
Aztec King, Mixed Media on canvas, 28" x 34",

Panamian Woman, Mixed Media on canvas, 17" x 25", $695.00

Tunisian Women, Mixed Media on Masonite, 16" x 21",

The Thinker, Mixed Media on canvas, 20" x 26", $550.00
Refugee, Mixed Media on masonite, 22" x 28", $595.00
The Genius, Mixed Media on canvas, 19" x 24", $495.00
Picture coming ...
The Aviator, Mixed Media on masonite, 24" x 30",
Conversation in Carriacou, Mixed Media on canvas, 26" x 36",

Acrobat, Mixed Media on canvas, 25" x 30",
Man from Zimbabwe, Mixed Media on canvas, 20" x 28", $585.00
The Non-conformist, Mixed Media on canvas mounted on masonite, 18" x 24", $495.00
Stevie Ray, Mixed-Media on canvas, 22" x 28",
The Inventor, Mixed Media on burlap, 22" x 28",
The Prankster, Mixed Media on canvas, 18" x 24", $495.00
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