Richard Buchanan

About the artist:

Richard Buchanan born in Montreal, Canada is now a permanent resident of Grenada since 1990. His work has been show internationally including the following current locations:

About the Series, "Modern Man"

This series came about from my ongoing fascination with both artifact and masks. They are not in any way culturally specific, but suggest all of the various cultures that have employed masking and the use of stylized heads. With suggestion of the mystery and antiquity that intrigues us.

My fascination with artifact, after viewing military figures unearthed from a Chinese emperors tomb. The platoon at first appeared to be identical clay soldiers, all from the same mold. Yet upon examination were in fact different with a subtle difference of expression. The nudity, the obvious masculinity of the body, the same pose, with only a suggestion of the penis implying a certain androgyny intrigued me. It forced me to ponder the entire notion of sameness and individuality and the entire notion of exactly our perceptions of not just the military but life. The suggestion of independence and individuality in the expressions on their faces brought to life. We are the same yet we are all in subtle ways individuals, the face reveals all. The chorus line pose of one of the platoons also intrigued me as it suggested so many other things, and I felt I had to employ that pose in these works.

I want this series to imply our indifference to all things past, our history and the suggestion that we should be interested and yet are not willing to work at it. Things, people, places that were important to our ancestors and as a result our place in the evolution of contemporary society have been reduced to a certain irrelevance as we get on with our own lives. The abstraction of the script hopefully implies that there is something there, stories, events, that we are unable to really decode and understand.

Hiding Behind Our Words.
Masking implies concealing, hiding our true selves our identity. Words are the most obvious mask that we all employ, a universal. We all have stories to tell, that we want to tell, that they are part of our individuality and existence.

Show Details:

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Art Opening: Saturday July 19 @ 2:30-5:30 p.m.
Exhibit dates: July 19 - August 30, 2003
Location: Ellen Hayden Gallery
40 Main Street
Cold Spring, NY
(845) 265-2334
Hours: Weekends 11:00 - 5:00pm
Monday - Friday by appointment.

The Exhibit: "Modern Man"

Stoneheads Trio
Acrylic on canvas, 22" x 30", $375.00
Eight of a Kind
Acrylic on canvas, 22" x 30", $450.00
Moonboy I
Acrylic on canvas, 17.5" x 20", $250.00
Moonboys II
Acrylic on canvas, 19.5" x 21", $265.00
Moonboys III
Acrylic on canvas, 14.75" x 20", $265.00
Three Moods
Acrylic on canvas, 23.75" x 36", $495.00

Monument I
Acrylic on canvas, 39" x 47", $650.00
Hiding Behind our Words I
Acrylic on canvas, 16" x 19.25", $260.00
Hiding Behind our Words II
Acrylic on canvas, 23.5" x 23.5", $295.00
Many Faces
Acrylic on canvas, 23.5" x 39", $425.00
Men at Work
Acrylic on canvas, 20" x 31.5", $275.00
Environmental Structure
Acrylic on canvas, 25.75" x 35.5", $350.00
Six Faces
Acrylic on canvas, 43.5" x 43.5", $795.00

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