Gary Arceri

About the artist:
New York City born artist, Gary Arceri is an important 20th century living artist whose artistic style is a combination of expressionism and figurative. In his exploration for truth in the 20th century, a unique modern style of painting has evolved, totally original to the artist, which is an individual style of painting that exhibits his understanding an artist living in the 20th century.

This series, "Head Series", in particular is a powerful expression of color and form but also a profound sense of poetry that evokes the viewer to look deeper inside their own souls.

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"The Head Series"

"Fisherman's Daughter"
Oil on canvas, 16" X 20", $700.00
Oil on canvas, 16"x20", $650.00
"The Prophet"
Oil on canvas, 14"x18", $600.00
"Self Portrait"
Oil on canvas, 24"x28", $850.00
Oil on canvas, 11"x14", $425.00
"Little Buster"
Oil on canvas, 20"x24", $650.00
"The Caribbean Woman"
Oil on canvas, 18"x24", $750.00
"The Introvert"
Oil on canvas, 18" x 24", $800.00
Oil on canvas, 14"x18", $650.00
"Other Man"
Monoprint, 22"x29", $675.00
"White Boy"
Oil on canvas, 22"x32", $800.00
Oil on canvas, 11"x14", $295.00
Oil on canvas, 20"x22", $950.00
"Pensive Man"
Monoprint, 22"x29", $700.00

Other works include:

"The Raja"
Oil on canvas, 12"x16", $495.00

Oil on canvas, 18"x22", $750.00

"Man with Black Hand"
Monoprint, 22"x28", $650.00

"The Amazon"
Monoprint, 22"x27", $800.00

"The Socialite"
Monoprint, 21"x29", $695.00

"Sister Moon"
Oil on canvas, 20"x24", $750.00

"Holy Man"
Sculpture - Polychromed, cast concrete with lucite base, 8"x30", $950.00

"The Shaman"
Sculpture - Polychromed, cast concrete with lucite base, 7"x18", $800.00

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