Cover of the Book:
Title of Book: Mermaid Eats: Art Food Journey and Food Tips
by Ellen Hayden
Release Date: Christmas Season of 2013
About the Book:

We are excited to announce the release of "Mermaid Eats", a cookbook filled with stories of Ellen Hayden's exploration of Art, Food and her Journies around the world. Ellen's love of food, cooking and her fascination of the mystical creatures, mermaids inspired her to compile her favorite and most popular receipes, food tips and worldly tales.

Coming Christmas Season 2013

About the Author: Ellen Hayden: has a BFA in painting from the State University of NY at New Paltz. She has been seriously involved in painting and art for the last 35 years. She is looking to achieve a universal theme by use of the cats as a symbol, by color, and by shape in 20th century terms. Her beloved cats, Itty Bitty, Max the Cat and Shadow Boo, which are her muses in her studio.

Ellen's father, Jack Sculley, who was a chef and restaurant owner, inspired her love of cooking. "Like daughter like father, I also love to cook and buy the best ingredients I can find to cook with. I use the freshest fish, the finest vegetables and ingredients and make sure to include good company to cook for."

Inspiration for the Book: In my book, Mermaid Eats, the theme was inspired by the mermaid sightings during my travels to Vieques, Puerto Rico and to the West Indies. My love of these mystical creatures began many years ago from my childhood memories and imagination. I loved to swim and spend hours in the pool with friends, as we were making believe we were mermaids. An aspect of this fantasy creature has always stayed with me artistically. After many trips and time spent on the beautiful beaches of Vieques, Puerto Rico and the West Indies, I often envisioned the exotic and mythical creatures everywhere I went. As an outsider artist, I wasn’t as inspired to paint just pretty mermaids but strove to capture their souls in my paintings.

These childhood dreams and games came back to mind during my travels, and now have come to life on canvas. I’ve long been excited about the idea of compiling a book filled with my favorite recipes along with my collection of Mermaid paintings. So putting together my second cookbook, I’m thrilled to be finally fulfilling a lifelong dream of mine. I hope you will enjoy reading it.

Some Sample Recipes include:

Ellen's favorite and most requested recipes include ....

Butternut Squash Soup

Clam & Corn Chowder

Cucumber, Yogurt & Mint Soup

One-Day-After-Cookout Enchiladas

Ellen's Secret Italian Marinara Sauce

Italian Stuffed Peppers

Sour Cream Coffee Cake

also includes Ellen's secret food tips ...